Monday 5 March 2018

Cover design, Tales from the Inner City, due October 2018 (Allen & Unwin, Walker UK, Scholastic US)


  1. wow,i'm waiting for october :) ! ew

  2. There is something about that Huckleberry-like knife and toggle that shows this will be more surprising and adventurous.Wahoo!

  3. I wasn't sure how to do this but I am a teacher and we are currently reading The Arrival! We love it... It is a beautiful story... My students have questions and have been engaging in fantastic discussions and arguments about what is actually happening in the story. Are you available to Skype or open to us writing you to ask some questions? I think it would be SO powerful for my students to see/hear from an author they respect. Thank you for your time! My email is (From the US)

    1. I am currently studying Tales from Outer Suburbia at University which is how I came across these awesome texts! A video call with him would be SO awesome haha. Makes a change to study an author who is still kicking around :P

  4. The Bird King is a cute bird.

  5. Two books in one year!? You've made me a happy reader and bookseller!


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