Saturday 8 December 2012

A portrait of Henry Mintox, inventor of the unsuccessful 'Inspiration Recorder', 1922

'The Oopsatoreum' was a project commissioned by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, based around the concept of writing imaginary histories for various strange objects in their collection. As an author-illustrator, this was an enjoyable reversal of my usual process: starting with existing images of objects and working backwards towards original concepts, often with quite funny and unexpected results. Although the actual exhibition is scheduled for sometime in 2013, a catalogue in the form of a small hardback book was published in October 2012 and so already available. You can find more information about this book (and how to find it) here at my website, as well as the museum.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Post UK

Thanks to everyone who attended recent events and those who helped organise them; Corinne, Jayne, Nghiem and the good folk at EIBF, IBBY, BSFA, the British Library and the Discover Centre, as well as Gosh! and Forbidden Planet. Many thanks to Quentin Blake for taking time to participate in a fun conversation about drawing, and to Paul Gravett for facilitating, I hope we meet again!

Following my keynote address at the London IBBY Conference (International Board on Books for Young People), a number of delegates requested a copy of my paper. It can be found here, and can be used for educational or academic purposes without permission. 

Sunday 12 August 2012

A work in progress image for a new, as yet half-finished picture book (without a confirmed title), August 2012. Oils, 53 x 45 cm

Friday 10 August 2012

Edinburgh & London, August 2012
I'll be travelling north soon to participate in the following literary events, and looking forward to catching up again with some UK readers (including ubiquitous expat Australians!)  Please click on the following links for more information:

August 22 - 23:  Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 24:  British Library public event, as part of Wonderlands: A Festival of International Writing for Children.

August 25:  IBBY Congress (International Board on Books for Young People). 

August 27:  Comica Conversation: Quentin Blake, Shaun Tan & Paul Gravett
St Albans Centre, Leigh Place, Baldwins Gardens

August 28:  Book signing at Forbidden Planet, details tbc.

August 29:  A public talk at the Discover Centre, Statford

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Original Artwork Auction

The ASA (Australian Society of Authors), in partnership with Micador and the ABC, is excited to announce that the One Word One Day auction site has now been launched. This wonderful event raising funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation will be held on Tuesday 25 September. I've contributed three original works to this, along with many other prominent Australian illustrators of books for children, and welcome your bids!

Full details on the auction, as well as images and details of each of the works and artists involved in the project can be found at

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Lost Thing - Exhibition: July 14 - August 26, 2012
Presented by Books Illustrated, this exhibition features a range of concept drawings, storyboards, creature designs, texture paintings and original book illustrations from The Lost Thing which trace the development of this Academy Award winning short animated film. It's currently showing at Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Old Fire Station, Nell Street, Maryborough. Thursday to Sunday, 10am - 4pm. For more information,