Sunday, 9 July 2017

Imagination = hope, pencil on postcard

A drawn postcard, currently in transit for an exhibition called Migrations in September in BIBIANA, the house of art for children in Bratislava, Slovakia. The exhibition will be an installation of 200 to 300 postcards of flying or perching birds, created and mailed by different artists from around the word, and runs parallel to the Bratislava Illustration Biennale.

I always imagined the creature from The Arrival is only a juvenile form of another animal, like a metaphor for the newly arrived migrant who has yet to grow and mature. Perhaps this is what it looks like in some intermediate form, when it's time to leave an immigrant's apartment and find a new place for itself.


  1. Amazing. Every time I teach with Arrivals, everyone wants to know more about the creature. This will be a wonderful side imagining for us to see

  2. About the word " Imagination " , I was thinking how Winsor McCay illustrated it :

  3. I love this little creature so full of curiosity and energy, sliding out its long tongue to taste all the new things ahead. Migration throws up such a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts, no matter how well you prepare for it, and your Arrival book captures and expresses them all so well.


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