Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Spare Parts Theatre Rules of Summer. Puppeteers Allan Girod and Nick Pages-Oliver. Picture: Simon Santi The West Australian

Congrats to the cast and crew of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's adaptation of Rules of Summer, which is currently playing at the Dolphin Theatre, UWA (Perth). The show is a wonderful mix of characters, objects and dreamlike situations extrapolated in a very innovative way from the book, actually less an adaptation than a reinvention of parts. And many of those parts bursting from the stage into the audience and occupying the entire threatre space: bubbles, snails, wind, recalcitrant socks. I always imagined this would be a terrific book to recreate theatrically simply because it is so open-ended and 'unwritten', and SPPT have picked up those threads with their trademark originality and insight. Excellent performances full of humour and pathos, and wonderful to see kids totally buying into this universe and raising a ruckus! Rules of Summer  runs until October 8.


  1. really cool,i m too far to watch these guys!! ew

  2. Hi. My name is Marjan Afsharirad and I'm living in Iran. I'm really interested in translating your books into Farsi. While I couldn't contact you in face book and by your own suggestion I decided to write here and as I couldn't find any place to contact you in your weblog, I have to write in the comment box; so please excuse me if what I'm going to say is not related to your post.
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  3. Hello Marjan, thanks for getting in touch and I'm happy to field this request. You can contact me via my agent, Sophie Byrne, or let me know how I can contact you directly by replying here. I agree, it would be terrific to make my stories accessible to Iranian children. Cheers,

    1. Hi Shaun. I'm really surprised to get your answer. If there is no problem - and as you have suggested yourself - I prefer to contact you directly. That’s my Email address:, and my face book ID is the same if you prefer to contact via face book.
      Best wishes

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  5. Hi Marjan, no problem, I don't check this blog so regularly but I'll send you an email soon.


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