Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Desert Storyteller, pastel on paper

Today (or rather yesterday, I'm a bit late with this post) is Indigenous Literacy Day, a celebraton that aims to raise money for excellent programs to promote reading and distribute quality books to Indigenous communities across Australia. Please join me in making a donation to @TheIndigenousLiteracyFoundation today to support young and keen readers in remote Australia. #ILD2017”


  1. Hi Shaun, my 6 years old boy love your books. He wanted to send/ give you a letter of his idea. Where should he send/give it to you? Do you have upcoming event in Perth soon? Thanks. Paula

    1. Hi Paula, you can write to me via publishers, or to this address: Shaun Tan c/- Passion Pictures, 31 Wimble Street, Parkville VIC 3052 (Australia). At present in Perth Spare Parts Puppet Threatre is performing their adaptation of Rules of Summer, more about that above.

  2. i'd like to sit and listen a story from the storyteller... ew

  3. Hi Shaun

    I'm unsure what's your direct contact. I found your blog so I hope you're ok that I'm posting this here.

    I'm reaching out to you as you're one of the influential Asian Australians and I would like to gather your views on marriage equality.

    It is important to celebrate diversities in all forms, free of prejudge, stigma and discrimination. Many non-Whites would agree that racism still exists here in Australia and as Asians, we have experienced our share of it as a minority. LGBTIQ community is no different.

    There has been a lot of negative press within the Chinese community and we would like to understand why and address it. We're calling all influential Asian Australians to support us by standing side by side and writing/drawing/speaking why it is important to vote yes - in order to right the wrong of having equality only to the privileged. This marriage equality may not affect the heterosexuals but it means a lot to the LGBTIQ community to have the choice to decide whether they want to be legally recognised in the eyes of the law.

    As we witness this momentous period, where we embrace diversity more holistically, I welcome you to join us and be one of the pioneer significant Asian contributors to make marriage equality a reality.

    I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.


    1. Hi Irene,
      Of course I support the Yes campaign, and certainly when you are a racial minority you do know a little more about the quieter oppressions that go on; so it's a shame that the broader idea of inclusion is not grasped entirely by those same minorities. If you'd like me to get in touch with you directly, let me know a contact address and / or which organisation you represent. Cheers, Shaun

  4. Hi Shaun,

    My partner, Daniel, is an aspiring illustrator and has built up quite a collection of your books. I can testify that he reads them regularly because I am regularly reshelving the dang things, in particular The Lovely Bones.
    He's purchased a number of copies so far - and me as gifts for him - (attempt at justification) and I've noticed how responsive and thoughtful you have been to other's comments on your blog amidst your busy schedule (attempt at flattery) so I'm hopeful that you will, at the very least, not hold this request against me.

    My favour is this - if I mail you a copy of 'The Singing Bones', in a package with something that you'll find pretty cool (perhaps including some high quality Chinese tea, a drop from the Yarra Valley, or artisan coffee - we are Melbournians after all), would you be willing to sign the book and drop it in the post?

    The box would be self-addressed with reply postage paid.

    Thanks Shaun, I know from meticulous research and seeing the body of your work that you are a very busy guy, so don’t feel obligated to reply if you don’t have the time. If you do wish to reply, my email is

    At the very least, I can feel confident in the fact that I'm not trying to offer housing finance like Raina Ping from Dubai - definitely a harder sell than coffee and wine..

  5. Hello Sophie, yes, you are free to send a book. I don't openly recommend it because things can get lost or damaged in transit, but I'll try to help where I can (no need for bribes!) - keen readership is always appreciated. I'll email you directly, or you can note the address at the head of this comments list.

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  7. Hi Shaun, I'm very pleased to say that the signed book arrived safe and sound this week. I'm not sure who is more thankful, Dan or I. Dan asked to pass on his gratitude for what he described as the 'best present ever.' Thanks again Shaun and I hope your newest exhibition is going smashingly (we will definitely be checking it out next weekend).


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