Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Exhibition at VAMOS, Melbourne CBD

Gambling Hans, wire, paper, clay, paint, 30cm tall

If you happen to be around the upper end of Little Bourke St in Melbourne, do drop by the South American bar and restaurant VAMOS where I'm exhibiting a selection of limited edition prints from The Singing Bones, plus a pointy sculpture of a wolf, alongside an exhibition of work by Inari Kiuru, Saturnalia Industrialis, a speculative meditation on 'industrial moths'. You might even catch some live flamenco! The exhibition runs throughout August, September and beyond; more about VAMOS here.

Also, if you'd like to see the sculpture shown here, drop by the excellent bookstore Brunswick Bound on Sydney Rd in Brunswick (Melbourne) where it sits behind the counter. It depicts a moment when Death is tricked in to climbing a magical tree from which he can't descend for seven years: during that time, nobody dies. 


  1. Mistery Magical Tree!!! Great work, Shaun

  2. Hello. I finally just tried the technique you described for making the sculpts months ago. I think I may have got it a little wrong by adding the tapioca glue to the paper pulp. The consistency was interestingly gross; though I had fun. Any advice? Can't wait to pick up The Singing Bones next week. (UK)

  3. No, the consistency is actually gross - sticky and slimy, lumpy, etc. There are other things you can do, such as scrunching aluminium foil (also good for oven-media like sculpy). Alternatively, just very tightly scrunched paper, or chunks of styrofoam, balsa wood, even found objects that are the right shape and you just start adding DAS to them.


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