Saturday, 13 August 2016

Solitude, oil 20 x 15cm

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  1. Hello Shaun, I originally wrote the following in February but I dont know if if ever reached you so I might jst leave it here.

    Dear Shaun Tan,

    (please imagine this collection of mindful words as if there written at a nice sheet of paper and not digital)

    Just some moments, maybe already some hours ago, the doorbell rung and the paperpostbringman showed up with some books, and one of them was “tales from outer suburbia” (translated to my mother thong German). As soon as I lifted the cover, you caught me as if I was a fish swimming in the sky of a dessert. I soaked the stories, the pictures, the words, the sketches, everything up and if filled up my view of the world, so I am now swimming in a fancy bowl with colorful ideas like a goldfish in a bathtub. Apparently we are stuck in some semi-21th century time and connected anyway with that so-called internet, I looked your name up via google. Ended up with that google+ thing and scrolling trough your fascinating and magnificent pictures and drawings and sketches. If I ever find some space at the wall, I would like to just fill it up with these masterpieces.

    This is the first time I ever try to write a letter in a unfamiliar language to someone I don’t even know but who really must be a genius. And this book is the first one after many, many years, that touched my soul, somehow. I really struggle do describe it in any language, I’m sorry. I will sit here in my bed for the rest of the day, wonder when my stupid could will move out and read your book again and again and again, trough I’m sure some hundred books here will be jealous, but they will understand me for sure when they meet the book tonight after I put it at their shelf.

    To come to some point, I think you’re one of the greatest artists and writers I know so far and probably you will be that forever. I hope you will never stop creating new colorful worlds for grey days, and gray worlds for days that are to bright.


    A literate Penguin

    (eventually known as Salome by the giant plush penguin in the corner)


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