Sunday, 21 February 2016

Last night I had a dream that I was working in an advertising firm and had to come up with a poster on some environmental theme. I remember well enough what I did to recreate it here. I often do a lot of painting and writing  in my dreams - pretty much all of it abysmal! Unusually, this one seems pretty good, probably a lot better than anything I would come up with during waking hours.


  1. Shaun, great. And you work 24 hours. Cheers, Sadami

  2. I wrote a really long comment on this piece and my Google account was in a tizz and deleted both. Here i go again, condensed version ~ You were a year older than myself in high school. I was in love with your work then as i am now. My 11 year old daughter is currently studying you at school but we have almost all of your books (received The Singing Bones today. Amazing) so she is very familiar with your work. She is quite the talented illustrator and says that you inspire her drawings. Now this picture resonates with me. For me it says that the world continues to turn and you continue to inspire different generations in different ways. Thank You. K

  3. Hi Karolyn, thanks, great to hear about your daughter and those cross-generational thoughts. 11 feels like a critical age creatively, I often reflect that a lot of what I do now is what I enjoyed most at 11 - having come back to it after various career decisions and misadventures. Maybe whatever your daughter is doing now will cement her lifelong passion, and it's pleasing for me to think my books might be one little part of that; thanks for writing!


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