Monday, 22 February 2016

Concept collage / sketch for The Arrival, 2001, photocopy and pencil, A5

From 15 years ago, one of my first concept 'sketches' for The Arrival in which I began by drawing over the top of a collection of photocopied pictures, mainly of migrants and refugees from different eras. At this stage I was not sure what kind of project this was in either style or narrative, just playing with images, such as this one, with a vague suggestion of 'serpents'. I still use this technique often now, albeit more digitally, starting with found images and evolving them over time via multiple drawings, ingesting other references along the way.


  1. it seems a creative method,i appreciated a lot "sketches of a names land"..i'm not able to draw but it is a good way to create new images.... thanks for sharing.. ew

    1. I consider that collage is drawing, even arrangement of objects is a kind of drawing, no so different from making marks. Whatever gets you an interesting result.

  2. Very inspirative! I shall try this too. Love the book!

  3. This is very helpful. The arrival has been a cornerstone in my personal world of influences and inspiration. I've been working on a story of my own and struggling to really get it going. Thanks for being so generous with the insights into your process. Huge admiration for you.
    -buddy w.

  4. Much appreciated! And good luck. If there's no struggle, it's probably not worth doing, so some comfort in that thought perhaps.


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