Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Brothers Grimm, clay, wire, paint, 15cm tall

For Melbournians, I'll be giving a short artist talk and signing books at No Vacancy Gallery, (Jane Bell Lane, QV building - not the Fed Square one) on Saturday afternoon, 12 to 1.30pm, do come along.


  1. Oh! We missed you by one weekend!
    Hope you can make it to Brissy again sometime.
    The exhibition was amazing! So nice to see the sculptures for real.
    We asked the ocarina fox to come play with us ;)

    1. Thanks, glad you got to see the show and yes, look forward to visiting Bris Vegas again some time. Ocarina fox will enjoy it very much I'm sure!

  2. Hello, Mr. Tan
    I live in Taiwan and I love your paintings.
    I wish I can wear them. Would you do me this favor?
    Please make products like T-shirts or skirts with your works on it.
    me and my sis and will be very happy.^-^
    thank you and have a lovely day.
    p.s. I found a example on the internet:
    And btw there is a t-shirt maker website in Taiwan call 'postatee'.
    It is very simple use. Just submit image and then customers can order it. no more complex process. and submit is free.
    I don't know if there are other website like this.

    1. Thanks very much, I was aware of this a while ago but since forgot about it; I must look into it again.

  3. Oh no! My friend and I were looking forward to this! :( Will you be doing another one anytime soon?

  4. I will try to come in again on the last weekend (the next I guess it is), with a little more forward notice.

    1. Alright! Will be checking on your updates! :)))


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