Sunday, 21 December 2014

Green field in Italy, oil 20 x 13cm


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  2. Hello. I'm Jam. I first knew about you when I borrowed The Arrival from my friend. It blew my mind. I just wanted to say thank you. Your art has become a great inspiration for me. It's imaginative, and playful...and a bit nerdy, haha, which I love, because I read to many sci-fi and fantasy books for it to be good for my health. I've been seriously drawing for a while, but I never knew what direction to go in until I saw Dave McKean's art, and your art, and I had a, long, drawn-out Eureka moment. Now, I have an idea, an inkling, of where I want to go. I just need to learn how to get there. But thank you, for opening my mind to new possibilities. Now I keep coming back here to your blog from time to time just so I can just look at your art and be happy and inspired. Merry Christmas! And have a Great New Year!

  3. Thanks Jam, much appreciated. Dave McKean was also a significant inspiration for me too, something of a bridge between fine art and illustration (even though that distinction is a bit arbitrary anyway - I'm glad to see it breaking down). Incidentally, I'm still not entirely sure what my own direction is, or how to get there, so maybe it's a permanent state! Maybe better than way. All the best for new discoveries in 2015.


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