Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Kind Old Sun Will Know, pen & ink, 1996

Another of my old illustrations from SF magazine days (and on a similar WWI  theme), this one for a short story by Garth Nix, who has since become very well known for his terrific Old Kingdom and Keys To the Kingdom fantasy novels. Back in the '90s we were among many regular contributors to a non-profit small press magazine called Eidolon, based in Perth. All the illustrations needed to be black and white and easy to reproduce given budget limitations, and I took the opportunity to experiment with many different styles, particularly when I was also the art director of that magazine for a period.


  1. Have admired your work for years, since my son first bought home 'Tales from Outer Suburbia', saw your exhibition at Freo and have bought every one of your books since...sorry...just excited to find your blog - :) Whenever I need confidence to break the rules of 'fine art' I just read pick up 'The Lost Thing' and I remember what life is all about...

  2. Thanks Leesa - a good way to break rules of 'fine art' is to have no idea of what you are doing! Lost Thing being a good example. It's also nice to work in an area like picture books, which flies under the radar of cultural criticism a bit, so that feels quite liberating (especially coming after years of fine arts study).


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