Monday, 17 November 2014

Anatomy of a painting

Preliminary sketch for Never be late for a parade, pencil 2011

I was recently invited to contribute to the excellent site Picturebook Makers which asks artists to write about their recent work, however they like. I chose to select one painting from Rules of Summer and follow its evolution from concept to the printed page, thinking this would be of particular interest to other illustrators, given that all of us have a different approach. I certainly recommend browsing the rest of this blog, it's very accessible and fascinating, and a great way to discover new work.


  1. again thank you for the link. There is always something about original sketches that is really engaging - it is interesting to see how they Keep or change the essence and character of the initial ideas.

    1. Yes, sometimes not for the better! It's a real challenge, as I'm sure you know, trying to not get caught up in arbitrary fine tuning, going back and forth forever - a real problem with illustration, because it's already quite finnicky. Cavalier roughs are often better than the painstaking finals (dammit!)

  2. This could an awesome puppet parade that ill love to collaborate with,,,


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