Monday, 2 June 2014

Rules of Summer App Commentary

High-res canvas: a detail from the Rules of Summer App

With the recent release of the Rules of Summer App in the US and many parts of Europe, I've updated my website to include a profile of this version of the book, which you can find here. Many people might think the app is just an ebook, but it's actually a lot more than that, and a unique work which took months of development. Among other things, it introduces a novel way of presenting  paintings at extremely high resolution through very clever image compression, something that could be of interest to many other artists, particularly those who (like me) prefer the mess of traditional materials, but also keep one foot in the digital realm.


  1. Dear Shaun Tan, I bought the book today. It is lying next to me, waiting for me to look at it. And as you mentioned it earlier I wanted to ask today what the app is about and there you answered it.

  2. I especially love the rule of not leaving the back door open and I would leave it open if things like that would happen. Here it is rather cats and racoons. At least slugs :)
    And I bought the app as well. Great to zoom in and great atmosphere through the sounds. Thank you for the fantastic book and inspiration.

  3. Thanks, the atmospheric effects of the app really are interesting, particularly with the soundtrack by Sxip. The back door image feels one of the most 'real' to me because my older brother had an obsession with fossils of ancient sea animals as a kid: he definitely approves of this invasion.

  4. Like electricwave, I'm also hoping the app will be ported across to other platforms, not just iOs. (I have contacted the digital publishers about this; no response.)
    I've also been on to Sxip and he's said one day he'll release the music in stand-alone format for those not lucky enough to have the app............. But I'm no longer holding my breath! ;-)

  5. I had the app but it has disappeared from my collection. When I search on iTunes it says that it is not currently available in Australia. What happened?


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