Sunday, 8 June 2014

Grimm Fandango

'A witch taken to the gallows on the back of a wildcat', clay, paint, string, 15cm tall

One of several new sculptures inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales, this one for a the story 'The Blue Light', about a solider taking revenge against those who have wronged him (including the witch above). I began this series as a set of illustrations for the German edition of Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales published last year, and have since continued to create additional works for other stories that I found particularly intriguing outside of that collection. By 1850, the Grimm Brothers included over 200 tales in Children's and Household Tales, so there's certainly no shortage of inspiration; as Margaret Atwood notes, 'no emotion is unrepresented'.


  1. that's cool... i like to see your works in 3d.... EW

  2. This is wonderful. I'm so excited to hear you are still creating these works beyond the German book! The more I look at these different tale sculptures, the more I love them. Do you have any plans to publish these new works in print? Or perhaps release a book of all your Grimm-inspired works one day? And do you know if there is any chance of there being an English version of your illustrated Marchen book with Pullman? (I know he has an English, unillustrated version, but we'd love your edition in a form we can read.) Thank you for the continuing inspiration!
    A quick note to let you know that in honor of the newly formed Australian Fairy Tale Society's inaugural conference this month, I'm having a full week (plus) spotlighting Aussies 'n' Fairy Tales on Once Upon A Blog.. daily fairy tale news. I'll be putting up a brief tribute to your work with fairy tales, in particular, shortly.
    Thank you again, from fairy tale folk everywhere and especially our own AFTS, all of whom have been greatly inspired by the different direction your work with the Grimm's tales has taken. (And, on a personal note, thank you too for helping me figure out how to approach teaching sculpture for Art Appreciation. Reading about your approach was invaluable.)
    Gypsy Thornton
    Once Upon A Blog... fairy tale news
    AFTS Liaison Abroad, Sub-Committee & Founding Member


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