Sunday, 12 November 2017

Two chairs mating in a street, oil 20 x 15cm


  1. The one on top has a bit of Blue footed booby in him,or is it her? Does color fall to the females in the seating kingdom?
    This painting should be a book cover for a Jackie Collins novel. Too sexy.

  2. Or something by David Attenborough. This is a painting of some chairs I found like this in the street outside my studio, I kept passing them on my way home in the evening. There was something quiet poignant about their unintended coupling; an alternative title could be 'carrying the wounded', since the chair being supported has lost its seat. So much narrative embedded in the most ordinary things.

  3. There was an old story told by a comic.As a child he was walking with his father and they saw two dogs coupling and he asked dad what they were doing.His father answered that the first dog was sick and the second dog was pushing her to the hospital.


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