Monday, 26 June 2017

Dark palms, Santa Monica, oil 20 x 15cm, 2012
Several of my small oil paintings can now be seen (and are available for sale) at two places in Fremantle, FOUND at the Fremantle Arts Centre and The Literature Centre (the latter only accessible to the general public on their open days or by appointment).


  1. California can be a very inspiring place , I lived there ... these landscapes became and still are my vital mental space and you painted this one , Perfect !

  2. Thanks. I've only been there quite briefly a few times, but always struck by the strangeness of it, epic, quite beautiful, but also conceptually messy and conflicted. It actually feels very alien to me, its the unfamiliarity I like! So that's terrific that within it you find something so connective.

  3. I love empty landscapes because whatever thing one can add to it it instantly create a more or less strangeness like a striking realistic collage triggering people imagination . I think Australia it's a wonderful country for that .


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