Sunday, 29 January 2017

Cloud over a forest, oil 20 x 15cm


  1. Hello shaun,I'm a your fan from Japan.I love your works and your passion to creativity!your publications are precious treasure for me forever.Someday I want to go Australia,my dream is seeing your exhibition!

    1. Great, I hope you can make it! And also that I might have an exhibition in Japan one day.

  2. Hi Shaun,

    I've been a great fan of your work ever since the Arrival.
    I would like to invite you to visit my blog:

    Plus I wondered if the origami designs in the Arrival are based on actual foldable models or if you just made them up? I'm working myself up in origami design lately, so I might try folding them one day:-)

    I hope you can spare some time for a short reply.

    Thank you anyway for your inspiring work!

  3. Hi Huub, great blog, thanks for sharing it: good drawings, foldings, observations, all very interesting. As for your question, the origami bird in Arrival is a variation on a design by an Argentinian Ligia Montaya (working in the 50s) of a pigeon. I cheated a bit an added some legs, just so it could stand on a mantlepiece, but otherwise it looks the same - and I forgot to credit it too. I imagine you could get the extra corners in their somehow: my own skills stop at the frog base, stuff I learnt from my dad (Chinese-Malaysian)

  4. Hi Shaun, thanks a lot for your reply and your compliment:-)

    I hadn't heard of Montoya before but I suspected the bird was an existing design. I could't find any diagrams for it but I did find one picture of someone who had folded it stating it's base was a stretched bird base. After I found out what that means I could figure out the rest by myself which was very satisfying:-) Do you know how to fold it?
    So I assume you made up the models for the cat-lizard and shark-dog (or what do you call them?)?
    I'll break my head over adding legs to the bird and on how to fold the other models some day. I will first need to study a bit more though I suppose... I'll let you know when I manage.

    Did you know by the way that Montoya always folded her models from airmail paper? I thought that was a nice analogy with the folded letters in the Arrival!

    Thank you again! Huub

  5. Thanks Huub, didn't know that, but fascinating. My other critter models are probably impossible, but then many origami models seem so, so who knows? I never quite understand how so many legs can be squeezed out of a square!

  6. Hi Shaun, I know what you mean with all those legs... I never quite understood either, but reading Robert Lang's 'Origami Design Secrets' really helped. Still I haven't tried folding one of those many-appendiced insects yet. But I now do have a clue of how it works. Origami is one of those things that every now and then catches my interest, which then fades again for a while... So it's a slow learning proces but that's fine with me... As for your other models I think it should be possible in some way, as anythings seems to be possible.

    Something totally different I'd like to share with you are the wonderful point and click games made by Amanita Design. You might already know them but if not I thought you might be interested.
    I'm not at all into gaming myself, but make an exception for these guys because what they make is quite artistic... Good music, too. I hope you'll enjoy. But please don't let it keep you from working ;-)

  7. Thanks for the tip - looks great.

  8. You're welcome, glad you liked it!


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