Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Jigsaw puzzle anyone?

Our Tuesday Afternoon Reading Group, from Tales from Outer Suburbia, 2008

I recently worked with Allen & Unwin to produce a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle of the above image, which comes nicely boxed with a paperback copy of the book from which it is drawn, Tales from Outer Suburbia. I had a crack at my advance copy and found it much harder than expected (which is saying something given I painted it!) One for serious puzzlers

Jigsaw-puzzling was an important part of my childhood, especially during Perth heat waves when our family would bunker down in our one small air-conditioned room like climate prisoners, sometimes for days on end. Doing these puzzles was perhaps the first time I really learned about the tiny abstract components that constitute a picture; they can actually teach you quite a bit about looking, and by extension, drawing and painting. And are, of course, strangely addictive too.

Due for release October 1, and you can find more about it here.


  1. My dear friends I know I'm late but I'm lugging the complete works of Mark Twain up the hill.

  2. Ha, thank god you're finally here though, to watch the sunset through the smog.

  3. Hi Shaun, would you be interested in speaking at an Australian Art Gallery Guides conference. We would love you to be our keynote speaker.
    the theme is "Telling Stories, a Sense of Place".


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