Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The first line, pastel A2


  1. really cool..it's nice to image a nove about those charachters.. ew

  2. My English language learners did some drawings based off of "The Rules of Summer." Is there a way to send you them? I am quite proud of their work and thought you may be curious to see them. They are in elementary school.

    1. Yes, you can send to this address:
      Shaun Tan
      c/- Passion Pictures Australia
      29 Wimble St
      Parkville VIC 3052

      I'd love to see the work but please don't be sad if I fail to comment back directly (a lousy correspondent) rest assured that I really appreciate any effort that kids make to reinterpret ideas from my books in their own personal way: it's what I always hope might happen.


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