Monday, 16 May 2016

Playground, oil 20 x 15cm


  1. I love these! You post so frequently - are they quick to paint?

  2. Relatively quick, although I tend to revise them over a period. Not all work out, but if I know what the feeling of a picture is fairly precisely, it can be fast, like a good golf swing.

  3. Hi Shaun, Do you do these small oil paintings insitu in oils? Or do you do a quick study in pastels or something else and then paint them in the studio? They are wonderful :)

    1. They are sometimes in situ, that's always ideal where physcially possible. In many cases they are places I've visited often, and work from photographs of them (usually taken quickly with my phone). The paintings end up looking quite different from each photo, though, because photography only captures basic visual information, like a reminder of what was there. I need to spend a reasonable amount of time in each place to know what it feels like, hence many of the scenes are my local suburb in Melbourne.

  4. I love your work especially the one with warm colours like this.
    I wish you could upload your work on Instagram as well :'(

  5. Yes please! Instagram! To manage / automate cross posting you can get


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