Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Crippled Angel (book cover), oil on paper, c.2001
Another cover for Sara Douglass' trilogy, for the final book, by which time the reader is hoping the demons of medieval Europe – who seem to represent enlightenment and progressive politics – will actually triumph over the authoritarian angels.


  1. impressive... evil forces.. ew

  2. I always remember when I took an art exam I tried to copy a fantasy book cover of Prince Corum by Michael Moorcock.
    It turned out quite well as I remember..

  3. Ha, great. Fantasy art is much maligned – and for some fair reasons – in art institutions. But that's more to do with which century you live in (I often can't see much difference between many great religious paintings and great fantasy fiction covers, just the audience). Technically, fantasy subjects can actually be among the most challenging for realist painters, so yeah, not bad for any painting exam.


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