Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Another cartoon from the distant past. Gary Larson has always been a big influence, ever since I first saw a cartoon of a kid bringing a head in a jar to show-and-tell as 'something I found on the beach'. I was about twelve and thought this was the funniest drawing I'd ever seen. Without Larson I think The Lost Thing would probably not exist.


  1. Hello Shaun Tan
    it might seem weird if I contact you on commenting on your blog, and that I do this at this very late date . We organize a literary festival in the Poitiers University in France, and I wanted to know if you are actually in France, perhaps invited by the Angoulême Comics festival. As you received the Grand Prix in 2008, I thought it could be possible. Our festival is starting after Angoulême, from February 1 to 4. This year we have some guests who consider the issue of migration - your book The arrival could be a good contribution, but we like a lot your work and try to have every year writers and pencillers among us. So we would be glas to invite you. Excuse me if this message bothers you, but I would be very glad to have an answer even a negative one - and if it doesn't work this year il could be later on.
    Best regards and thanks for your interest
    Martin Rass (
    our website (in french) :

  2. Hello Martin,
    Thanks very much for this invitation; unfortunately I'm not travelling so much presently and have yet to visit Angoulême, it's never quite worked out timewise. Should I get the chance in the future though I will get in touch with you, so thanks for making contact.
    Best wishes, Shaun.

    1. Hello Shaun
      thanks for your quick answer, it seems that you know Christine Drugmant from the bookshop La belle aventure, Potiers, who also wishes to see you. Thus we'll rest in touch
      Best wishes

  3. Love Larson - his power to make me laugh outloud from a drawing! My favourite:

    Midvale school for the gifted (couldn't figure out how to paste)


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