Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Track Layers, collage and oil on plywood, 110 x 120cm
An older painting of men laying tram tracks near King St in Perth in the late 19th Century - now barely even a memory since Perth gave up its trams many decades ago. I was thinking here about all the layers of construction that constitute a city, and how the vast majority of it is forgotten. This painting is part of the Perth Council collection and will feature in an upcoming exhibition at Council House on the theme of transport.


  1. Looking at your paintings is like having a master class in creating color harmony. Those slivers of pink warm up the heavy blues. This reminds me of Ben Shahn who would collage in paper posters he tore from the city walls.

  2. Yes, Ben Shahn is a terrific painter and illustrator (if one makes such a distinction). This painting is based on a few badly printed photos in a book. I've always liked the idea of resurrecting the anonymous people is such pics through painting, and one impetus for doing The Arrival.

  3. This made my heart do leaps, incredible!


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