Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Kingdom, oil on canvas 180 x 150cm

I'm participating in a group exhibition next month in Melbourne, my contribution being a series of landscape paintings such as this one above. Here's the show:

Go, said the bird

Marcos Guzman, Courtney Jackson, Inari Kiuru and Shaun Tan

45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000

1 - 12 September 2015
Tuesday to Friday: 11am - 5pm
Saturday: 12pm - 4pm

Go, said the bird borrows its title from the 1935 poem by T.S. Eliot and examines the ambiguous nature of time through images, objects and jewellery.

Shaun Tan considers urban landscapes as seen by the wild birds that continue to live there. Courtney Jackson presents souvenirs for a post-apocalyptic adventure park, a melancholy and romantic vision of a future past. For Marcos Guzman, time is inseparable from travel; Volar, Navegar and Caminar (flying, sailing and walking) bring us ever closer to imagined treasures. Inari Kiuru envisions a future where industrial structures and organic elements evolve into new, strange and playful forms.

Go, said the bird is also a part of Radiant Pavilion and Craft Cubed.


  1. this is great..i hope to see images of all the works.. the article lights my curiosity... EW

  2. Hi...I would really give you my congratulations for your great works!! I've just finished a school of illustrations in Italy and I had discovered this world thanks to your books...
    In the next days I'll be in Melbourne, that is my starting point for a trip allover Australia. It would be really great for me having the possibility of seeing your studio!
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Emilio, congrats on graduation! Unfortunately I'm unable to invite studio visitors, much as I'd like too, but I hope you can make it to this show. I'm also at the Melbourne writers festival on August 22, so may see you there if the timing works out.

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