Thursday, 19 February 2015

New York rooftops, oil 15 x 20cm

A sketch that offered some inspiration for the illustration 'Never drop your jar' in Rules of Summer (below). 

Never drop your jar (detail), from Rules of Summer, oil on canvas, 30 x 34"

And here's a different preliminary sketch for the same thing, with a working title of 'The best fishing is in New York City'. I like this image but the composition did not work well in the context of the final book, which needed to focus more on character action. It's based on a view across from my publisher's office in NYC, using pastel crayon over the top of an A4-sized photograph.


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  2. What a wonderful image the 'view from your NYC publisher' is. I like this a lot. It grounds the fantastical in the real. The contrast of the looseness in the sky and the tightness of the untouched parts of the photograph add to this idea. I think that something else that works really well, is the tank on top of the far building. it takes the 'reader' beyond this image. Beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  3. impressive... like a bonus track on a cd !! thanks EW


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