Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Arrival: Tamasha UK

Illustration for The Arrival satge production by Jane Laurie

A stage adaptation of my graphic novel The Arrival produced by Tamasha in collaboration with Circus Space recently opened in the UK to critical acclaim. Directed by Kristine Landon -Smith and written by Sita Brahmachar, The Arrival tells the story of one man's journey to a distant metropolis through a weaving together of theatre, circus and music, a production that has been in development since 2008 and is a highly inventive reinterpretation of my book's original themes. Tour venues include Southhampton, Coventry, Newcastle and London, from late March to mid-April. For more information, images and reviews, visit Tamasha.


  1. Looks amazing. I wish I could see it.
    Though I am afraid that the magic of the book cannot be moved to a stage. Even adding a text, which causes barrier to immigrants is not avoided in the play. Pity.

  2. Hello Shaun Tan, i like your work, i am from Argentina. Do you have an e-mail to contact you? My work is in my blog www.laguirreta.blogspot.com so you can know me.

  3. Hi Shaun,
    Thanks so much for letting me interrupt your coffee to take a photo with me. I am a teacher in WA (in Melbourne for the school holidays) and I have based many of my teaching programs around your beautiful books.Thanks again!

    Samantha Marshall

  4. I saw 'The Arrival' on stage in Launceston a few years back. I didn't know anything about who this Shaun Tan fellow was, but I went with some creative friends, and now I love Tan-world. Mintox!

  5. A short film by Andrea Milde about the Tamasha production of The Arrival is now available online at


    The film goes behind the scenes, following how director Kristine Landon-Smith works with the actors/circus performers during rehearsals.

    Andrea Milde: http://www.linguistics-in-drama.com/

  6. 'Arrival'-inspired haiku :-)


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