Saturday, 8 December 2012

A portrait of Henry Mintox, inventor of the unsuccessful 'Inspiration Recorder', 1922

'The Oopsatoreum' was a project commissioned by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, based around the concept of writing imaginary histories for various strange objects in their collection. As an author-illustrator, this was an enjoyable reversal of my usual process: starting with existing images of objects and working backwards towards original concepts, often with quite funny and unexpected results. Although the actual exhibition is scheduled for sometime in 2013, a catalogue in the form of a small hardback book was published in October 2012 and so already available. You can find more information about this book (and how to find it) here at my website, as well as the museum.


  1. Looks wonderful, and such a great idea. Wish I could afford the $36 overseas delivery.

  2. What a great concept! Speaking of OOPS, I had my own last week...

  3. This is brilliant! What a great project (and I adore the idea of an "Oopsatoreum" not to mention coveting an Inspiration Recorder)!

  4. Great Shawn,,,

  5. dear Shaun, no one in the world can draw tubes as half good as you do....... Why are you ALWAYS this amazing??!!!??!! Hands Down.


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