Friday, 10 August 2012

Edinburgh & London, August 2012
I'll be travelling north soon to participate in the following literary events, and looking forward to catching up again with some UK readers (including ubiquitous expat Australians!)  Please click on the following links for more information:

August 22 - 23:  Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 24:  British Library public event, as part of Wonderlands: A Festival of International Writing for Children.

August 25:  IBBY Congress (International Board on Books for Young People). 

August 27:  Comica Conversation: Quentin Blake, Shaun Tan & Paul Gravett
St Albans Centre, Leigh Place, Baldwins Gardens

August 28:  Book signing at Forbidden Planet, details tbc.

August 29:  A public talk at the Discover Centre, Statford


  1. Hello Mr. Tan,
    I'm Raechel. I'm studying art and design in Australia and for an assignment, we have been instructed to contact people in the industry who inspire us and find out more about them. Your books have been a huge inspiration to me. My favourite definitley has to be The Arrival. It just amazes me how someone could have made such a beautiful story with just pictures.
    If you are willing, would you please answer a few questions for me? I am aware that some of this information may already be on your website, but I am required to hear it directly from you.

    1. What skills or attributes did you need to become an illustrator?
    2. What do you do in a typical week?
    3. What led you to choose illustration as your career?

    If you prefer, you can send me a reply via my email:

    Thanks so much for your time.
    Raechel Hudson.

  2. Oh, curses! I only just discovered today that you were in London, and missed ALL your events... just my luck. I've been a fan for years.

    Any further events planned in the London area in the next few days?


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